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Paul has designed and developed a number of live Biz-Labs that will energize and motivate your business. New classes and seminars are being created every day, and custom-crafted programs are available. Feel free to reach out to the DiGrigoli Seminars team to see what options we have for your school or business!

Increase your sales, build your clientele, take your business to the next level, outperform your competition, discover the secrets of top performers and so much more with a seminar from the dynamic Paul DiGrigoli!

For Salon Owners

Building a Healthy Salon

As a salon owner, Paul has seen how a single decision can affect the fate of a salon. From hiring the right stylists to building brand awareness, you have to be ready to take positive actions and avoid missteps. With this motivational seminar, you will be ready!

Be part of the excitement when Paul shares the secrets of America’s best salons. You’ll have a terrific time sharpening your leadership skills and discovering new ways to stand out from your competition.

Motivation Starts Here

If you’re feeling stalled in your career… If you’re wondering why you ever went into business in the first place… If you’re bored by your day-to-day routine… YOU NEED THIS SEMINAR!

With his characteristic enthusiasm, Paul will help reignite the passion you once felt for your work and breathe new life into your career. You’ll discover what’s been holding you back. You’ll find the courage to embrace change. And you’ll have a incredibly good time while you’re doing it!

For Instructors

Becoming A Super Instructor

The best educators use a combination of discipline, humor and passion to help their students realize their full potential.

After more than 35 years of owning the successful DiGrigoli School of Cosmetology, Paul DiGrigoli has the first-hand knowledge and unquenchable passion to bring out your hidden talents. You’ll have a blast as Paul shares the secrets and strategies you need to become the highly effective instructor you want to be.

The Radical Leap—Refocusing To Become A Super Instructor

This class is for instructors who want to develop new skills and techniques, fine-tune the skills they already have, or rediscover their passion for what they do.

In his entertaining and inspirational way, Paul will take you on a journey that will renew your love of your chosen profession. A must — not a “should” — for professionals.

For Stylists

Entrepreneurs Behind The Chair

In order to thrive as a stylist, it’s not enough to have an entrepreneurial spirit, you also need the tools to translate that spirit into action.

In this exciting seminar, Paul will share the strategies and secrets of the world’s most successful hair stylists and entrepreneurs and give you the confidence and insight to increase your value to the marketplace. Come unleash your inner entrepreneur!

Booked Solid

An inspirational, must-take seminar for professional stylists, nail techs, aestheticians, massage therapists, make-up artists, booth renters, salon owners… anyone involved in any facet of the beauty industry. In his inimitable style, Paul will grab and keep your attention and give you the best of what he’s learned over his 35-year career. You will discover many new ways to attract and retain clients, make more money, and prepare to be the busiest you’ve been in years!

For Students

“Booked Solid” For Cosmetology Students

Who better to teach you how to succeed as a stylist than the author of the bestseller Booked Solid?!

In this engaging seminar, Paul will keep you entertained as you learn how to attract clients, maximize your earnings potential, and market your most important product — yourself!

Whether you’re just starting your education or are about to graduate, this fun- and fact-filled seminar will start you on your way to being Booked Solid.

Your Future In Cosmetology Is Brighter Than You Think

As one of the few “recession-proof” careers today, the cosmetology industry is experiencing unprecedented growth. There’s never been a better time to take on a career in the professional beauty industry, and there’s never been a better way to prepare than by taking this rousing seminar.

In it, Paul will share facts and figures about the industry, give you precious insight into what makes the best salons in the country so successful, and provide you with more than enough motivation to rush out and make doing what you love really pay off!

For Everyone

The Art of Leadership

No matter what stage you’re at in your career—owner, educator or student—improving your leadership skills is the surest way to advance.

In this dynamic seminar, Paul will teach you different ways to lead, how to motivate others, problem-solving techniques, and how to earn the respect of everyone around you. You’ll leave ready to set an example and to create a culture in which everyone will not just strive, but thrive.

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