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Booked Solid! (CD)

Description: Booked Solid CD

Clients. Without ‘em, you’re just a person with scissors.
For the past decade, Paul DiGrigoli has helped countless people nationwide increase their clientele and become “Booked Solid,” and he can help you too! This CD truly is “the ultimate guide to getting and keeping clients.” It offers an abundance of information pertaining to building your clientele and increasing your salon’s revenue. In this CD, you will learn some of the following:
  • 4 Reasons Clients Leave AND Why They Stay
  • Why Culture is King
  • The Best Time to Raise Your Prices
  • And much, much more!
By listening to this CD, we guarantee you will never lack for clients again, and you will understand what it means to become truly “Booked Solid!”

CD: $29.99

Paperback: $29.99


Booked Solid LIVE! (DVD)

Description: Booked Solid DVD

Experience…one of Paul DiGrigoli’s most popular seminars, recorded live in Marlborough, MA.
Learn…Four Reasons Clients Leave and Why They Stay, Why Culture is King, The Best Time to Raise Your Prices, and much, much more!
Discover…the tools for success. Whether you’re a cosmetology student, salon owner, beauty professional, nail tech, esthetician, or just someone interested in becoming “Booked Solid,” everyone can learn something from this DVD.
In this dynamic presentation, Paul DiGrigoli delivers the best of what it takes to become “Booked Solid!” Get inspired by the passion, energy, and unstoppable drive on this must-have live DVD!

DVD: $49.99



How to Build a Healthy Salon (CD)

Description: Healthy Salon CD

In business today, the future is brighter than you think. For over a quarter of a century, Paul DiGrigoli has devoted his life to helping cosmetologists just like you build better lifestyles and healthier businesses. Paul DiGrigoli compresses decades of knowledge into this one CD. From attracting good stylists, to understanding a profit and loss statement, to expanding marketing, Paul explains it all in an easy to understand package. With this CD, you will learn some of the following:

  •  How to Hire the Best People
  •  Compensation Structure
  •  Are You Running the Salon – Or is the Salon Running You?
  •  Servant Leadership – What is it? 
  •  And much, much more!
Discover what hundreds of salons across the country have already learned from this program. Whether you’re an experienced cosmetology professional, just starting out, or opening your own salon, Paul keeps it simple and to the point, so that audiences at any level can quickly discover the best tools and strategies for lasting change.

CD Price: $49.99


How to Become a Super Instructor (CD)

Description: Super Instructor CD

A mediocre instructor tells, a good instructor explains, a super instructor demonstrates!
If you’re just starting out, this CD will be perfect for you! It’s not easy being an instructor. Being an instructor and school owner himself, there is not too much Paul DiGrigoli hasn’t seen in his over thirty years in the industry. With this CD, learn how to deliver to your students in a way that not only gets results but will continue to drive their spark, their passion, and their energy for years to come. The following are some of the things you will learn:
  •  It’s Easy to Give a Grade…Teach Them to Get an ‘A’
  •  Personal Development – Starts with You!
  •  5 Characteristics of Life-changing Instructors
  •  How to Handle Difficult Students
  •  What the Best Instructors do to Maintain Control – Emotionally & Physically
  •  How to Keep the Mojo
In this type of industry, it is easy to become burned out and unmotivated. With this CD, get your positive spirit back! Don’t be just an instructor; be a “Super Instructor!”

CD Price: $49.99


Master Your Salon’s Future (CD)

Description: Master Your Salon's Future CD

Whether your business is thriving, facing challenges, or just starting out, there is always room for improvement. With this CD, discover the tools you need to take your salon in a new direction, create a new game plan, and see results! Paul DiGrigoli is the proud owner of DiGrigoli Salon in West Springfield, MA, which started as a just a two-chair operation and is now a twelve chair salon. In this CD, you will learn some of the following:
  •  What Business Are We in?
  •  8 Habits of Successful Owners
  •  The Entrepreneurial Journey
  •  The Best Marketing Practices
Let Paul share with you everything he knows, so you can become the master of YOUR salon’s future.

CD Price: $24.99

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Beyond the Classroom (CD)

Beyond the Classroom CD

Go “Beyond the Classroom” with Paul DiGrigoli as he shows you how to take your teaching to the next level. Daily struggles can be discouraging, but the goal remains the same; education, motivation, inspiration, and personal development are key for the betterment of your students. Paul sympathizes with instructors’ ups and downs and the industry challenges we all face. He will give you the solutions and tools to help take that pain away. When the school succeeds, so do your students. In this CD, you will learn some of the following:
  •  10 Core Values of Winning Instructors
  •  The Do’s and Don’ts of Some of the Best Instructors
  •  Staying in Control When Things Erupt
  •  How to Stay Inspired
By following the fundamental principles Paul shares with you on this CD, you will learn how to inspire your students and mold them into future professionals with unstoppable potential!

CD Price: $49.00


Competitive Edge (CD)

Competitive Edge CD

Don’t be the chess piece; be the chess player.
There is no better time to be in the cosmetology industry than right now! Owning your own salon and managing staff is no easy task. Discover the best of what Paul DiGrigoli has learned over three decades, currently owning a salon and school of his own, and how he has learned to stand out in the industry. On this CD, Paul will teach you the secrets of running a successful business and proven methods for steering your salon in the right direction. The following are some of the things you will learn:
  •  5 Key Elements of a Team
  •  Who is Generation Y?
  •  Create an Identity in the Marketplace
  •  Hospitality at its Best
  •  Self-Development
This course is designed specifically for salon managers and owners throughout the hair and beauty industry looking to develop the edge that will put their organizations ahead of the competition. In an industry full of competition, let Paul help you find your “Competitive Edge!”

CD Price: $29.00


10 Core Values of a Winning Salon (CD)

10 Core Values of a Winning Salon CD

Paul DiGrigoli has devoted decades of his time and effort towards creating a winning salon team. In this CD, you will discover the 10 core values that have contributed to his success. Over the years, Paul’s salon has won numerous community-based awards, including the Regional Chamber of Commerce ‘Super 60’ award for revenue growth and ‘Best Local Salon’ award, amongst others. In this CD, you will learn some of the following:

  • Health & Well-Being
  • How to Keep Your Passion Alive
  •  The Three R’s: Retention, Referrals, and Retail
  • Habits of the Best Stylists
There cannot be any changes without making changes. Whether you are trying to take your salon in a new direction, create a new game plan, or help make your existing salon better, everyone can learn something from this CD. As Paul would say, “N.S.L.” Never Stop Learning!

CD Price: $49.00


Momentum (CD)

Momentum CD

The most important thing you should bring to your business every day is your energy. This course is structured to keep stylists, nail technicians, colorists, estheticians, receptionists, salon managers, and salon owners fired up day after day. This course will take you from ordinary to extraordinary and will help you to expand your reach and raise the bar. In this CD, you will learn some of the following:
  •  Who’s Motivating the Motivator
  •  Tap into Your Personal Power
  •  Raving Employees = Raving Customers
  •  Guts, Heart, and Persistence
Paul DiGrigoli will share with you the philosophies that champions live by in a seminar geared for anyone, at any level, in the hair and beauty industry. Join him as he teaches you how to keep your momentum alive and why it really is “the name of the game!” 

CD Price: $29.00


Secrets of the Best Stylists in America (CD)

Secrets of the Best Stylists in America CD

What makes one stylist more successful than another?
You’d be surprised to learn that even the most technically talented stylists may not be the most popular. It’s about more than just haircuts, color, and manicures; it’s about developing yourself from the inside out, setting goals, ad creating a brand people want. Paul DiGrigoli, currently a stylist, salon and school owner, and entrepreneur with over three decades of experience, has seen firsthand what it takes to become a master of your craft. In this CD, you will learn some of the following:
  •  How to Become Booked Solid
  •  Create a “Raving Fan”
  •  10 Habits the Best Stylists Have Developed
  •  Maintaining Client Retention
Paul will give you the tools necessary to create a successful career in your field and to retain and grow your client base. Listen and discover what Paul has to say about the best of the best in the industry!

CD Price: $49.00


Be an Entrepreneur Behind the Chair (CD)

Be an Entrepreneur Behind the Chair CD

Whether you are a team-based salon, a booth-leasing salon, or a suite-leasing salon, you can become an entrepreneur behind the chair. In this CD, Paul will teach you how to harness and leverage your entrepreneurial spirit. Discover what it takes to truly become an outstanding team-based salon, boothleasing salon, and suite-leasing salon. In one CD, Paul will mesmerize you with his knowledge and experience. The following are just samples of what you will learn:
  •  Challenges and Advantages of Owning a Team-based Salon or a Suite-leasing Salon
  •  Challenges and Advantages of Booth Leasing
  •  What Happens When You Can’t Pay Your Rent?
  •  How to Stay Motivated
  •  How to Expand Your Clientele and When to Let Them Go
Listen to the DiGrigoli Difference and let Paul feed your entrepreneurial spirit, so you can become “an Entrepreneur behind the Chair!”

CD Price: $49.00


10 Disk Power Pack (CD)

10 Disk Power Pack CD

Experience that will expand your life and your business!
With great information comes great rewards – and that is exactly what you will get in this knowledge-packed 10 disk CD set featuring the best of Paul DiGrigoli. Bring the motivation out of the classroom and into your home with your own personal seminar! Paul leaves no topic uncovered – from leadership, to business planning, to self-improvement, and everything in between – the rich value of this Power Pack pays for itself instantaneously.
CDs Included in the Set:
  •  Booked Solid
  •  Momentum
  •  The Competitive Edge
  •  Master Your Salon’s Future
  •  How to Become a Super Instructor
  •  How to Build a Healthy Salon
  •  Be an Entrepreneur Behind the Chair
  •  10 Core Values of a Winning Salon
  •  Secrets of the Best Stylists in America
  •  Beyond the Classroom
No matter where you are in your career, Paul DiGrigoli has been there, and he will lead you down the path to success! With the information you’ll gain in this set, there will be no stopping you from reaching your goals and improving your life, professionally AND personally. So take the first steps, and harness the power inside of you!

CD Price: $299.99


Media Package #1

Includes: Booked Solid CD and Paperback. $53.99


Media Package #2

Includes: Booked Solid Paperback and Healthy Salon CD. $71.99


Media Package #3

Includes: Booked Solid Paperback and Super Instructor CD. $71.99


Media Package #4

Includes: Booked Solid Paperback, CD and DVD, plus Healthy Salon and Super Instructior CDs. $168.99




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